In the new era after the negative film and camera,
PMI has become the pioneer of digital large format printing.
We implemented the factory level of management in our world-class facilities,
and built a service system based on division of profession and customer satisfaction.
Advanced technology makes the highest quality.
Steady work process is the cornerstone of excellent service.
We in PMI believe that personnel are our greatest asset.
By the accumulated results of our attention to every detail and experience with global brands, we built each valuable partnership, dedicated our finest services to the clients.
Our services vary from the decoration paint on the vehicles,
huge outdoor advertisement to giant advertisement that covered the whole skyscraper.
With the top equipment, cut-edge knowledge technology and profession-oriented management of organization,
now our sight is extended to the world, with our feet held steadily in Asia.
As more challenges await ahead of us,
so will we PMI keep reaching the next milestone, now and ever
Corporate Video
By employing the UV gloss white color spraying method
Corporate Video